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German Abitur

Do you speak and write English at an upper-intermediate or native-speaker level?
Do you want to complete your Abitur in the English language and attain certification of level C2 English?
Do you want to achieve a qualification that will allow you to study at any university in Germany or at any English-speaking university on the planet?
Would you benefit from a 3-year programme that increases your chances of successfully achieving the Abitur qualification and that gives you more time to secure native-speaker level in English?
If your answer is yes to all four questions, then the SESB option at Hans-Litten-Schule, is the right option for you!

What is SESB?

SESB stands for Staatliche Europa-Schule Berlin or in English, Berlin European State School. At Hans-Litten-Schule, in the SESB branch, English, Biology and History are taught in English, by teachers with English at C2 level. At the end of the course, students are awarded the German Abitur certificate and a certificate stating that all courses were taught in English, at C2 level. The German Abitur certificate allows entry to any German university. The English language certificate combined with the Abitur certificate is recognised worldwide, and so allows students to meet the entrance requirements for studying at an English-speaking university, anywhere in the world.

How does it work?

The SESB courses leading to the Abitur are divided into two phases. The first phase is the Einführungsphase (introductory phase), this counts as 11th grade at Hans-Litten-Schule. In this introductory phase, which is not offered at any other bilingual Gymnasium, students are prepared for the more demanding courses of the 2-year Qualifikationsphase (qualification phase). The qualification phase takes place during 12th grade and 13th grade and is assessed continuously through oral and written participation along with the Abitur examinations at the end of the course.

Advantages of SESB courses

The opportunity to study either at a German university or at an international English-speaking university is not the only advantage of an SESB course. Students in the SESB at Hans-Litten-Schule are prepared further for university, through the integration of European and international cultures within the courses. The international learning atmosphere in the classroom is further enhanced by our links with partner schools across Europe and beyond. In the past, we have collaborated with New Vic School in London, England. As a result of Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic we are looking at ways in which we can continue to collaborate with UK schools. We are also seeking new partner schools around the world, to allow students on SESB courses to participate in cross-school lessons, projects, internships as well as country-to-country exchanges. Another advantage of the SESB branch at Hans-Litten-Schule are the small learning groups in each course, which allows for a much more personalised learning experience. We now offer a course in academic writing to prepare our SESB students for the written exams. SESB students could volunteer be a member of the team running the student led SESB newsletter. This contribution to the SESB and the school community, will be recognised on the student’s leaving school certificate issued at the end of grade 13. Ultimately, an SESB course at Hans-Litten-Schule, is an excellent preparation for the working world of the future.

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