Staatliche Europa-Schule Berlin (SEBS): Standort Hans-Litten-Schule

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The Hans-Litten-Schule is now a Europa-Schule (SESB)

The Hans-Litten-Schule is now another branch of the Staatliche Europa-Schule Berlin (Public European School Berlin), with English as its partner language.

What does that mean?

Students can now pass their Abitur (university entry diploma) within three years in courses such as History and Biology in English. Furthermore, the subject English is offered at native language level, which also applies to the non-language courses that are taught in English.

We are now accepting enrolments for the next academic year.

What is so special about it?

The courses leading to the Abitur (university entry diploma) can be divided into two phases. The first phase is the Einführungsphase or 11th grade (introductory phase). In this introductory phase, which is not offered at any other bilingual Gymnasium, students will be prepared for the more demanding courses in the 2-year Qualifikationsphase (qualification phase) that are part of the Abitur examinations.

As we are just starting, there is the advantage of small learning groups in the SESB courses. We expect the SESB to become quite popular because of the unique introductory phase and small groups, making the learning process much more personal.

What qualifications can students get?

The students who attend SESB courses and pass the examinations successfully are awarded the German Abitur. This will give them access to any university in Germany.

An additional certificate states that all courses that are taught in English were taught at the language level of a native speaker. According to the Common European Framework of References for Languages this would be considered level C2.

Universities worldwide acknowledged this certificate. Enrolment becomes easier. And given this certificate, a common language entry certificate, such as TOEFL, should be unnecessary with universities abroad.

It is not only about the qualifications. Students learn without frontiers, in an international learning atmosphere. The Europa-Schule is well connected with partner institutions in many other countries. Projects and internships within and outside the European Union are part of the curriculum. There is a focus on the study of the past, present and future of Europe as a place of communal living and trading.

Who is the SESB school for?

The usual path to the SESB Hans-Litten-Schule is via our cooperation partner and SESB Peter-Ustinov-Schule, which is a comprehensive secondary school (Integrierte Sekundarschule) with SESB classes and bilingual classes. Bilingual classes are taught in English in History only.

Students coming from the Peter-Ustinov-Schule, having passed the MSA and fulfilling the requirements for continuing in higher education according to the VO-GO, automatically receive a placement at the Hans-Litten-Schule.

Students who have not attended the Peter-Ustinov-Schule and have passed the MSA and met the requirements according to the VO-GO are also able to enrol. However, they need to demonstrate an appropriate level of English to be able to master the SESB courses. There is a school-internal language test.

What else is offered at the Hans-Litten-Schule?

The Hans-Litten-Schule offers many courses leading to qualifications.

Even students who have no qualifications can attend courses to acquire German school leaving qualifications. These courses are taught in German.

The Hans-Litten-Schule also offers a variety of vocational training courses. There are office management courses, as well as courses for becoming legal assistants or judicial clerks.

Who can I approach if I am interested?

Herr Finger, Head Teacher of the Hans-Litten-Schule

Phone: 030 303017-0 (secretary‘s office)

Herr Schlinkmann, Deputy Head Teacher of the Hans-Litten-Schule

Phone: 030 303017-0 (secretary‘s office)

For enrolment talks und language test:

Herr Schneider, Project Manager SESB at the Hans-Litten-Schule

Phone: 030 303017-0 (secretary‘s office)
E-Mail: Factfile SESB Hans-Litten-Schule

PDF-Downloads: Factfile, glossary and more...

The Hans-Litten-Schule is now a Europa-Schule (SESB):
Factfile SESB Hans-Litten-Schule (page 3)
Glossary (page 4)

Berliner Zeitung: 
Berlin erhält eine neue Europa-Schule

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